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Search Engine Optimization

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Before looking at SEO training basics, it is important to first define what SEO is. SEO or Search Engine Optimization simply refers to the methods used to ensure that websites rank high on search engines. Search engine ranking is important for websites because it ensures that a website is highly visible online. Over 90% of all internet users use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing to look for information online. It is therefore important for websites to rank high because this is the only way of generating traffic which in turn results in sales and profits for online businesses.

It is important to note that most online businesses/companies outsource all their SEO needs to SEO companies without realizing the need to undergo in-house SEO training. SEO training basics teach website owners how to optimize their websites. By learning SEO training basics, website owners can be able to effectively optimize their websites without hiring SEO companies. Below are some SEO training basics common in all SEO training courses.

1. Familiarizing yourself with your competitors: SEO training begins by teaching you about your competitors. Every website has a niche i.e. health and fitness, fashion etc. Regardless of the niche a website operates in, there are very many other similar websites. To be able to rank high on search engines in your niche, you first of all have to learn about your competitors because this knowledge assists you to device superior marketing strategies. SEO training basically starts by helping you identify competing websites in terms of their popularity, ranking, traffic sources etc. This information is important because it helps website owners have an idea as to why some websites are more popular than others in a certain niche.